The George

77 Borough High Street, SE1 1NH

Nearest tube: London Bridge 0.4 miles

Nearest attraction: Borough Market 0.2 miles


The impressive tiered frontage of The George in London

The impressive tiered frontage of The George

The Hook

If you want an idea of what The George is like, here’s a tip: don’t visit their website. This makes it out to be any old run-of-the-mill boozer where you would pop in for an after-work pint. But the George, tucked away in its own little courtyard off Borough High Street, is a magnificent galleried coaching inn that will blow you away when you see it.


The history

EST: 1676. Monarch: Charles II

The George stands on the site of an old inn where Elizabethan actors once performed in the courtyard to audiences in the galleries above. In fact Shakespeare himself probably visited the pub since Southwark was his stamping ground. Sadly there’s no proof that the elusive bard ever popped in for a drink, nice as it would have been to discover his name carved in an oak beam or find a scribbled draft of As You Like It tucked down the side of a pew. The George was rebuilt after a fire in 1676 and served as a coaching inn with a coffee room in the present-day Middle Bar; a passenger waiting room in the Parliament Bar and guest bedrooms in the upstairs gallery, which is now used as a restaurant. Proof of Shakespeare’s patronage might be absent but Charles Dickens was definitely a customer. In fact he even immortalised the George in his novel Little Dorrit, making it the pub where the title character’s ne’er-do-well brother wrote his begging letters.


The ambiance

The narrow passages, steep stairways and warren-like rooms give the George a wonderfully cosy ambiance. As London’s last remaining galleried inn it is quite unique and is owned by the National Trust. Go there in winter for a hot toddy in atmospheric surroundings, or head for the delightfully sunny courtyard in summer. Here you can contemplate your own mortality (in a good way), wedged between the galleried inn from Charles II’s reign and the the contemporary bustle of Borough High Street with the sci-fi Shard towering above you.


The other stuff

Brewery: Greene King

Open: every day

Food: Served every day

The George honours its historic coffee house roots by offering lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos.

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